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Date Title Location
Feb 20, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Role of H3K9 methylation dynamics for mammalian reproduction Saitama, Japan
Feb 20, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Ab initio calculation for positronic compounds Saitama, Japan
Feb 21, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Hyperons in nuclear matter from YN and YNN interactions in ChEFT and hyperon puzzle Saitama, Japan
Feb 22, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: High throughput drug screening and the dissection of the Rhodoquinone synthesis pathway in C.elegans Saitama, Japan
Feb 23, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: Prediction of complex drug-drug interactions, pharmacogenomics and our attempts on virtual clinical trials kanagawa, Japan
Feb 23, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Diophantine Frobenius Problems -- counting theory, generating function and zeta functions NEW Saitama, Japan
Feb 26, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Foundations of Gravitational waves and electro-magnetic emissions from NS-NS merger with application to nuclear/hadron physics Saitama, Japan
Feb 26, 2018 RIKEN Seminar:Fat and sweet chemistry towards hydrogels and polymer materials Saitama, Japan
Feb 27, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Cohesin dynamics during the cell cycle Saitama, Japan
Mar 1, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Symmetric tensor networks and generalized Lieb-Schultz-Mattis theorems NEW Saitama, Japan
Mar 6, 2018 RIKEN Seminar: Telescoping Jet Substructure Saitama, Japan
Mar 6, 2018 RIKEN Seminar:Yeast evolutionary history and natural variation revealed by 1,011 genomes Saitama, Japan
Mar 8, 2018 RIKEN Seminar:Artificial Photosynthesis by Light Absorption, Charge Separation, and Photoredox Catalysis Saitama, Japan
Mar 12, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: HGM2018 RIKEN Trainee Symposium "Genome Data and Health" kanagawa, Japan
Mar 12, 2018 RIKEN Seminar:The Efficient Outer Sphere Hydrogenation of Carbonyl Containing Substrates: Some New Insights Saitama, Japan
Mar 12-13, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: The 3rd RIKEN-SNU Workshop on Solar Energy Utilization Osaka, Japan
Mar 22-23, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: International Symposium on ER stress, glycosylation, homeostasis and diseases Saitama, Japan
Mar 26-28, 2018 RIKEN Symposia: CDB Symposium 2018"Dynamic Homeostasis: from Development to Aging" Kobe, Japan